Scatta (featuring. Velvet Sand, Chronicle, EQ & Streamlyne) (WWC Remix)

by Braidz

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Intro (Siege-A):
Ohh, Rahh, Ohh, Rahh (Repeated throughout intro)
Yeaahh, It's a VS ting' man
VS, Siege-A...
Siege-A & O-G-O... B-Raidz with the dopest flows

Verse 1 (Siege-A):
Yo it's Siege-A & B-raidz, we breathe flames
Seemin' to keep the physique infinite, been played
So refrain from being a bitter leech mayn
Seen change, slippin in to conduits up in this freak chain
Flowin' like water, hopin' to be the dopest approaching, cope in a coma
Hip hop endeavors suspended free in freeze frames
I'm throwin' the order, totally we the potent condonement, flow when I show an
Epoch of letters respected seem we be STRAAANGE
So you better be unlocking the everlasting energy
Beckoning epidemics imminent let em get apart of the entropy
Aheada my time, when the armada of death
And the angels above better send a faster pedigree
Tear their kedava's effifgys, definitely start my engine see
Ready to park my pen and preach, tempered with armoured density
Crem De La Crem I'm heavenly, wreck em and blast a better beat
Prevelant art extremities steppin n givin the roaches a scatta

Verse 2 (Chronicle):
Anybody wanna play with a monster came with a roster slay for the cost
ill pay for the conscience takin the topspot
motherfuckers got a crave the corruption
hate me i play this game on the daily never met a better with the way that i take beats
part the lips and this shit goes crazy never gonna tame me erase me insane please
gotta rock it til i top it like the hottest scatta when i drop it like i got a bomb i got a rocket
wanna cop it when i cock it never floppin gotta problem
heres a motherfucking magnum hand em a master man 'dem are faster your mans are gassed up
smash up the place and take off like flash does
pass up the past mad fuck the bastards
tryin to fuck with us got this wrapped up

Chorus (Braidz & Siege-A):
When i touch mics, i see the mic Scatta!
Scatta, as if i had a clutch on the magnum!

Verse 3 (Braidz):
You don't really wanna step to this
'cause my pen games strong watch me flex my wrist
Once they get aimed on watch their sectors switched
'Cause they ain't sleeping on me they just resting kid
And the alarm bells ringing, Wack? dope? Yo, they can tell the difference
It's evident I'm reppin it try get inside my head and kid you will be set in ink, like a passed out victim
Yeah i got problems and its hard to live with it
Yet im merry on the inside like the cards on christmas gifts
I see the good in bad, You've got your head in your lap
I'm an old soul in a young body, pedofile swag
I use the word "Bitch" due to past experience
Not 'cause I'm on some "I'mma be a cunt to women" shit
But if your chicks a cow, we need some grass up in this bitch
It's true I'm not a rapper, 'cause I'm classed a lyricist.

Verse 4 (EQ):
you better get to know me cuz im comin and im comfortable
with turnin everything to rubble, leavin like its wonderful,
dont really give a fuck about the people that im rollin on,
i gun a couple tons of led and each one's a bowling ball,
its rollin off the tip of my tounge and im bringin death,
singin yes, im the demon that the devil never knew about,
chewin stinkin flesh, as we sinkin in the depths,
of my chest, i digest, and it scatta when im spewin out,
gifted just isnt descriptive enough for the level of sick that i spit with,
i come with depictions of vicious inflicted on bass and the drums that are kickin within this
im lifted up higher than potergiusts when they've possesed you, not cumulus nimbus or stratus, im mushroom, when i bust a mother fucker in the guts its like i got this
sick man, thinkin im gonna bring em the new hotness

Chorus (Braidz & Siege-A):
When i touch mics, i see the mic Scatta!
Scatta, as if i had a clutch on the magnum!

Verse 5 (OGO):
Ima scatter brain evaporate damaging all the amateurs cappin em with a stab with a rapping I bring a fatter pace//
Grabbin em out the back of the game slappin the wacker their in a state of confusion and I'll be happily having a taste//
Of anybody thats tryna claim the fate of a lyricist when their wack and their claimin to make a change and im rippin em//
Thru a place n I vividly kill the villiains of the game with a spit and they'll lay as a bitch n we wicked n raising the shit//
Its the vs take it and rearrange it insanity with the braidz n we staple your brain with a crazy calamity//
And The steaks we are raising em with amazing ability to remain in syncronicity n we making em pack it in//
Bringin it with a simpler picture painting the facts with the paper im baking tasty flavours cake on a track//
N we taking it back to the actual act of of immaculate adaption trap em we reinactin a raging attack//

Verse 6 (Streamlyne):
You fuckin right when im' touchin the mic
Get all these cunts in a line destroy them one at a time
It ain't nothin' alright, killin' 'em illin' 'em illigitimate villains
Wanna begin to get willin' well then i'm ending it
I dunno what made you thought to trek
Across the depths so kid better watch your step
I'm awesome yes, that is what I thought you said
But then you went against your word like I did not expect
With all respect, you crossed me, i'll cross your head
I bet I didn't cross your mind when you forgot to check
What Josh had said before you had caught your breath
So why you all upset, thought you'd wore that vest?
You're the same who say that Foreign Beggars suck though
I'm Uday Hussein, and you wanna bet i'm cut-throat
You've got about as much flow as Donatella's fucked nose
And act like a pro after one show (fuck no)

Chorus (Braidz & Siege-A):
When i touch mics, i see the mic Scatta!
Scatta, as if i had a clutch on the magnum!


released November 18, 2013



all rights reserved