Bringing It Raw (featuring. The Jokerr)

by Braidz

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They tried to choke me out now i'm strangling back
Leaving 'em with no air like Jordin Sparks having an asthma attack
See I spit that poisonous dope shit
That gets heads boppin' up and down like a buoy in the ocean

Though my manners are piss poor
I body MC's like i've been practicing hacking and slashing limbs off
I'm Control-versive call me Kendrick Lamar
B and Jo bringing it RAW like we're reppin' a farm

Weak MC's I don't know who the fuck you are
But I know I couldn't bump your stuff with a bumper bar
And you're gonna die lonely...
"I'm gonna laugh at your funeral" is what i'd say if i was planning on going

How do these rappers make dollars with no sense?
And i'm not talking ya misses when I say i'll get your home wrecked
But i'd get your girls legs open, guess they split for divorce
And get you dead men cut, like i'm clipping your corpse!


released November 18, 2013



all rights reserved