Enter The Barbershop - Mixtape (2012)

by Braidz

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released June 3, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: People Can Fly (Feat. Vie & Dibe)
[Verse 1 - Vie]
Some of these days i feel like i wanna' explode
When i feel like I'm under the ground whaddya' know
Do you know how i feel when i'm writing my verse
And when i vision my life i feel like i'm living a curse
But i spent my whole life with a bully pushing me down
Says i'll never make it, bitch i'm wearing the crown
And i really want to know what you're doing with your life
I bet you're slaving every day i bet you work a 9 til' 5
But i've always been the one to say follow a dream
'Cause no matter what the struggle, the music is part of me
And i swear i wouldn't make it if i'm dropping the pen
'Cause every single fucking time a hater wants to offend
Someone once said, "Dude your music is wack"
What? Like i drop on a beat, to impress? It's not a fact
I always say if you live a dream you're living life
And if you're not living a dream, you're not living right

[Chorus - Vie] x2

In a land where the letters will fall
And everytime i spit a line i'm just risking it all
But inside my mind i see people can fly
I'm never gonna' drop a dream until i'm reaching the sky

[Verse 2 - Braidz]
I used to seethe as my heart beats, bleed with a hard free
Needlessly grieve over trees of some harsh weed
I put a mic in my hand, to see where my path meets
But how the fuck am i supposed to dream, if i can't sleep
"Liam, you can't leave" my conscience spoke
He's the one who stuck by and never lost his hope
When i rocked a show, he forgot to choke
And when speaking to a chick he always got me blown
But with coppers' though, he never did shit
When i was flying, high, liking crime he severed our link
When i went skitz i had a little devil on my shoulder
Who pushed the angel off got in my head and spit
The sickest rhymes giving my little life bigger drive
It was through him i was given my wings to fly
If you haven't heard Braidz ever before
My tunes will make you high, hoe, like the seven dwarves!

[Chorus - Vie] x2

[Verse 3 - Dibe]
Hope dies just to bring on the new light
We fly just to bring on the new highs
See we dream to escape from reality
Dreams in my thoughts and ambitions in my fantasies
Turned 17 still a young boy with the one voice
Hoping that my noise affects my one choice
Most nights i sit on my bed dreaming
Looking up above to the stars for a meaning
It deceives me, it's ludocrious and crazy
If i ever fall then whom' will come and save me
And i crave it, i need to get high again
Without the pleasures of a drug, i need to find a lighter man
I roll around with this pack mentality
Looking for the fight but it's the one that's inside of me
Still i dream on, move forth in battling
Looking for the catalyst, searching for these shrapnel hits